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New interview with Daniel I. Russell!

SQ Mag has just released a new interview with Daniel I. Russell.


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A dying dog’s final wish

This is supposed to be a heartwarming, uplifting video about what some wonderful people did to ease a suffering old dog’s passing.

However, I find the overall situation to be rather irritating. Shopkeepers were throwing that poor dog scraps for HOW long, watching him waste away and suffer outside of their shops? He was howling in pain for 3 days and nobody thought to do anything? It’s great that those people gave him a nice death, but what about the folks who had the opportunity to give him a better life?

Here’s the video: CLICKY


Um… Kirk Cameron, fyi on pilgrims

In a recent interview, Kirk Cameron was pushing his latest movie and stood up for Todd Akin as being a “good man” blah blah, while siding with him that raped women should carry out pregancies (sanctity of life and all that).

Don’t get me started. HERE is the link.

Anyone who knows me, knows I think they’re both full of shit and don’t need to be saying what a battered woman should do with her body.

I want to mention the swirling soup of stupid that he spewed right before all that to promote the movie Monumental. He kept going on about how the pilgrims were America’s founding fathers, and the country was founded on their beliefs and values, etc…..


Um, Kirk, the pilgrims were a bunch of religious fanatics who wanted to come over here where they could drink their own Kool-Aid, “Jonestown”-style (they held the Salem Witch Trials in the same century, after all), and in the process, they killed off a bunch of Indians by spreading disease. Yeah, great lot of people.

The colonies were still owned by Great Britain, genius. It wasn’t until over a century later that a bunch of rebellious guys, the real founding fathers who wanted no religion involved in government, kicked off the revolution and started America.

Quit lying to people.

By the way, this is awesome:


Why Facebook is awesome

People can complain all they want about Facebook… whatever. This is a big reason I love it so much.

I was scrolling down the wall and I read this, which I’ve seen before but I like it so I took the time to soak it in:

That post brought a warm smile to my face, along with memories of the old used bookstores I once frequented in search of treasures. I still have some of them tucked away on my bookshelves.

So then I scrolled down just a tad more, and the very next picture I saw was in this other post, somewhat related in the sense of smell but otherwise completely different:

Warm memories followed by a hearty laugh. I love my Facebook friends!

And to all of you, I say:


Sent home a bit early

Hello again! I was discharged Tuesday afteroon, much earlier than expected, because I was having so many seizures when I got there that I gave them enough information in two days that they didn’t need me for the full five.

Well, it’s understandable, I guess. I was worried about Robin, and while they were all wonderful and very caring at the hospital, it was nonetheless a stressful situation so it’s a heavy-handed trigger.

I had three seizures on the way home and another nasty one when I got home, so I’m just now getting around to catching up online in the middle of the night. I’m also really beat up from the steady muscle spasms, twisting, jerking, etc, so I’ll try to keep the rest short.

The verdict: They’re still non-epileptic seizures caused by Conversion Disorder. Due to their increased frequency and severity over time, my neurologist needed to check again to be sure my brain wasn’t being damaged by some other form of epilepsy.

The bad news: I still have Conversion Disorder, which sucks. There is no real positive “fix” for it thanks to all the mystery still around it. I take my medicine to help with this or that, mostly for pain, but otherwise, I deal.

The good news: I don’t have straight-up epilepsy so at least my brain is physically healthy. It’s just subconsciously using my body to beat the living crap out of me every day.

The plan: No change in meds, but they want me to see a cognitive behavior therapist to work on the part of my mind that’s causing all of this. Granted, I’m really good at handling stress, but they figure there’s something deep inside that’s not working with it so well, hence the “conversion” to physical manifestations.

And of course, a key emphasis here, as always, is that Conversion Disorder is not a mental illness in the “crazy” use of the term. I still have my capabilities in that sense. While it’s my subconscious mind causing it and I have no control over it, the effect is physical, as opposed to Robin’s paranoid schizophrenia (being an awesome Minder *wink*), where her mind is causing mental effects that distort her reality.

The mind can do horrible things to you.

But I still have my mental strengths and she has her physical strengths, so together, we’re still one.


Hospital stay starts tomorrow

Okay, I’ll be heading to the hospital tomorrow morning for a 5-day EEG/video study on my Conversion Disorder. Hopefully they can get some more insight into my daily seizures and figure something out to ease them down a bit.

My mother will be with me to help them jot down what I’m doing/feeling/talking about at the time of each seizure and Robin will be staying with some friends down the road so she can look in on our dogs, etc. Today, she’s having a lot of episodes thanks to the anxiety of being without me for a week and just the change in routine, in general. Poor thing, it’ll be rough on her but it needs to be done.

Hell, it will be rough on me, too. I get the feeling they won’t be too quick to stop my seizures when they happen, so they can study them more. I’m not sure, though. It’s just the way they said some things (“How long do they last when you don’t take Benadryl?”) But they need to learn more about it all and I understand that.

I’ll have my laptop with me and I’ll try to check in on occasion. I just have no idea how often. And I’m going to shut it down for the day (most likely) so I can be there for Robin.

Wish me luck!


Webby Tiger Piss Memes!

For those who don’t know, I have a section of my site reserved for keeping track of when I get all goofy from Ambien and all the other drugs I have to take to stay somewhat functional. It can can pretty hilarious at times! I often don’t remember what I do so I have to find it all later, or friends let me know. Anyway, HERE IT IS.

Well, last night, I apparently made a handful of memes and saved them to my laptop. If you want a good laugh, I posted them HERE but I may add them to my Facebook, too.


Scott Colbert guest blogs for Armand Rosamilia

Scott Colbert, author of Barbed Wire Kisses, has written an insightful guest blog about writing research on Armand Rosamilia’s website.




Tabloid Terrors 2 is now Available!

The second book of the Tabloid Terrors series by Skullvines Press has been given life again in ebook form! It is now available on Kindle and Nook and along with more craziness from S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer, it includes guest stories from Steve Vernon, Garry Charles, and Mike Jones!


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